smallest violin

Worlds Smallest Violin

Smallest Violin – 1/64th size.

This is the worlds smallest violin. It is a real violin that really plays.  The smallest violin is a 1/64th size. Email if you are interested in renting or buying a 1/64th size violin.

This smallest violin is perfect for the beginning violinist.  Violinist who are ages 2 or 3 might play on the worlds smallest violin.  Ask your violin teacher about what size you need.

This is a Stentor student violin and is perfect for Suzuki students.   This violin would make a perfect gift for a child.  It is not a toy, but a real violin.  It comes complete as an outfit which includes a bow and a case.  There is also rosin for the bow included.  The case has straps that can be attached so the violin can be carried as a back pack.  And the violin itself has four fine tuners for easy tuning.

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