Worlds Smallest Violin

Smallest Violin – 1/64th size.

This is the worlds smallest violin. It is a real violin that really plays.  The smallest violin is a 1/64th size.  Click here to buy the smallest violin  now.

This smallest violin is perfect for the beginning violinist.  Violinist who are ages 2 or 3 might play on the worlds smallest violin.  Ask your violin teacher about what size you need or visit this page on how to choose the right size violin. 

This is a Stentor student violin and is perfect for Suzuki students.   Here is a picture of the smallest violin:

smallest violinThis violin would make a perfect gift for a child.  It is not a toy, but a real violin.  It comes complete as an outfit which includes a bow and a case.  There is also rosin for the bow included.  The case has straps that can be attached so the violin can be carried as a back pack.  And the violin itself has four fine tuners for easy tuning.  If you would like us to rosin the bow and tune the violin before shipping it to you simply call us at (800)761-2585.  We will be glad to set up the violin so that it is ready to play as soon as you get it!  We know that you will absolutely love this smallest violin!

Not sure you want to buy the smallest violin?  This violin is also available for rent.  You can rent violins at a very affordable cost and we cover all the maintenance and repair.  We will even swith the violin for the next size when your child grows.  Click here to learn more about our no hassle violin rental program.