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violin rentals

Young violin players practice for a concert. Photograph: Amadeus Foundation

By Mariza Brussolo

Accomplished violinist Laura Mozena has been a violin teacher for over 10 years. Throughout her professional life she has witnessed the struggle some parents have gone through trying to buy their children a violin so they can take music lessons.

Violinist Laura Mozena Photo By Mariza Brussolo

Laura is the Vice President of Your Music Supply and her primary goal is to help children in any way she can to make it possible for them to learn a musical instrument. Through the online store Your Music Supply, she’s able to bring high quality instruments to the public at a low cost.

She offers many violins for sale at affordable prices. Besides these low prices, Laura wanted to do even more to help students and their parents. Laura came up with the perfect rental program, something that was easy and affordable enough so that every child could learn how to play the violin.

“I grew up playing the violin and learning this instrument has brought me so much joy and has helped raise my self-esteem. When a child learns how to play an instrument his self image grows as he realizes that he can create beautiful music,” said Ms. Mozena.

There are children who would love to learn how to play an instrument, but because violins can be expensive, this prevents some parents from being able to give their children this opportunity. This creates a ripple effect, parents feel guilty about not being able to give their children the gift of music, and the children are sad because their dream of playing the violin is not possible.

“I knew there had to be a way to help these families. This is how I came up with the idea of a rental program that was affordable for everyone. Your Music Supply made the investment of buying several violins to have them available for rent and found a way to only require a minimal fee ($20) per month. I thought it was a good idea, but when I actually told the parents about this rental program, I was amazed at their response. The parents were thrilled! More and more parents are now able to give their children the opportunity to learn the violin,” said Ms. Mozena.

Children from all backgrounds can now learn how to play the violin without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront. And if $20 per month didn’t sound low enough, Laura is offering a discount for a limited time; parents can now pay only $15 per month and take a violin home for their children.

Some of the benefits of renting are:

– Besides the monthly fee, there are no other additional fees

– Every payment goes toward owning the violin outfit

– Parents can switch out sizes anytime as the child grows

– The violin includes the case and the bow

– Maintenance and repair is included in the monthly fee

violin rental

“Renting a violin has been the greatest thing for us because children grow up so fast, Laura is so accommodating and allows us to switch to a larger violin and every one of our payments goes toward owning it. The renting program has actually worked very well for us. We wouldn’t be able to give our daughter the chance to learn the violin if it wasn’t for this rental program,” expressed Susan M. (Suzuki Mom)

Renting a violin from Your Music Supply is done by visiting the YMS Rental Page and filling out the contract.

“It brings me so much joy to know that more children are having the chance to learn how to play the violin,” concluded Laura.

Your Music Supply is a musical instrument store currently offering a promotion for their violin rentals. Parents pay only $15 per month when they sign up during the month of March of 2014. Email at info@yourmusicsupply.com to sign up for this rental program.