Violin Care and Handling

Practice Good Violin Care & Handling – Here are some of the important tips from the video:


  • Tighten the violin bow when you are playing and when the bow is put away keep the horsehair loose. This prevents the bow from warping.
  • When you rosin the bow put enough rosin on the bow until there is a thin white powder.
  • Never touch the horsehair of the bow because there is grease and oil on our skin.  This will get the hairs dirty and the violin bow will not play.
  • Wipe the rosin off the violin every time you put the violin away.  You will see a thin layer of white powder that will be on the violin under where you are playing.  If you do not wipe it down it can eat away the varnish of the violin.
  • It is easy to break strings on a violin using the pegs.  It is best to use the fine tuners to begin.
  • Always secure the violin after you are done playing it.  Either hang it on the wall, put it in a cradle or put the violin back in its case.
  • When using a violin case always fasten the seat belt (Velcro strap)  on the neck and cover it with the cloth blanket.
  • Make sure you always latch the latch of the violin case and zip up the zippers.
  • Ask your teacher about other violin care practices.

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Practice Good Violin Care – Check out the following video and learn some of the basics of violin care and how to care for your violin bow:

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