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Online Violin GROUP Classes

$20 per class

Pay only if you attend a class.
If you are signed up for one of Miss Laura’s lesson plans,group classes are included.

Next Group Class Day Is:

Oct 3rd

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Anyone can join Miss Laura’s group classes.
Children and Adults from anywhere are welcome.
You don’t have to be one of Miss Laura’s students.

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Class Schedule

Classes will be 2 Saturdays per month.
(no classes in July)

Aug 8 & 22
Sept 5 & 19
Oct 3 & 17
Nov 7 & 21

Dec 5 & 19

Pre-Twinkle/Book1 and Book 2/3 Classes are 40 Minutes
Intermediate and Advanced Classes are 55 Minutes

Click the link below for a PDF of the Class Dates:

Miss Laura’s Schedule

Saturday Class Schedule:

9:00am MT
Suzuki Violin Pre-Twinkle/Bk 1 (40 Min)

Suzuki Violin Bk 2/3 (40 min)

11:00am MT
Intermediate Violin (55 min)

12:00pm MT
Advanced Violin (55 min),

Class Times are in Mountain Time Zone.
Make sure to adjust the time for your time zone.

To Sign up for online violin GROUP CLASSES:

You can also email Miss Laura:

And she will reply with more details.


Miss Laura lives in Colorado, USA
Class Times are in Mountain Daylight Time Zone
Make sure to adjust for your Time Zone

9:00am MT
(40 min)
Suzuki Violin
Pre-Twinkle/Book 1

What Time is this class

Please practice for next group class:

Up Like a Rocket
Pop Goes the Weasel
Ant Song
All Twinkle Variations & Theme
Lightly Row (with 4th fingers)
Song of the Wind (circle bows)
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
May Song
Long Long Ago
Perpetual Motion (Singles & Doubles)
Minuet 1

10:00am MT
(40 min)
Suzuki Violin
Book 2 & 3

What time is this class

Please practice for next group class:

Minuet 3 (book 1 and book 3)
Gavotte (Book 1)
Chorus from Judas Maccabeus
Hunter’s Chorus
Long Long Ago (book 1&2)
Two Grenadiers
Witches Dance
Gavotte by Martini

11:00am MT
(55 min)
Intermediate Violin

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Download and Print PDF Music here:

Listen and play along with Miss Laura’s audio recordings:

Wohlfahrt Etude No. 1
Sally Goodin Key of G
Sally Goodin Key of A
Captain Jinks Key of D
Captain Jinks Key of C
Golden Slippers Key of C
Golden Slippers Key of E
Can You Count The Stars Top Line
Can You Count The Stars Bottom Line
Sally Johnson Slow
Sally Johnson Fast
Stones Rag Slow
Stones Rag Medium
Stones Rag Fast

12:00pm MT
(55 min)
Advanced Violin

What time is this class

Download and Print PDF Music here:

Listen and play along with Miss Laura’s audio recordings:

Spring Song
The Rain
Waltz by Veber
Caprise Top Line
Caprise Bottom Line
Kruetzer Etude No. 3
Kruetzer Etude No. 4
Kruetzer Etude No. 5
Kruetzer Etude No. 6

Group Class Video Collaborations:

“March 2020, another semester of learning almost over and now most of the country is on “Shelter in Place” order.  Many Suzuki students want to continue progressing but are missing their group classes and social interaction.  That’s why I want to offer ONLINE group classes for violin students who live anywhere.  I use Zoom Meetings and it works very well.  All you need is an internet connection, a computer or smartphone and the free Zoom Meetings App.  No, we cannot play simultaneously, there is still a delay just like any online platform.  But I am very clever at finding ways for everyone to participate with “copying” and “leaders”.   I promise group class can still be fun and productive online.”   ~ Miss Laura

From a Suzuki Mom after learning about online group classes:

“That would be truly fabulous.  I think students do need that group experience. Hearing someone else play the pieces is so helpful.  It’s like listening to the recording but getting to see it as well.  And there is a real benefit that they can see someone else’s struggles and successes.  Also, the social aspect is so nice.  Knowing others with the same unique interests is a special thing.  (for the parents as well as the students).  I’m excited about it.”              ~ Suzuki Mom

Online Violin Lesson Resources

These Online Violin Lesson Resources should help you find anything you need about Suzuki Violin.  Also find, fun Fiddle videos, information about Classical Violin or Violin Maintenance.  There are resources for Suzuki Beginning Violin including Pre-Twinkle songs and musical definitions.  Scroll Down to check out lots of FREE Resources, or Subscribe to Miss Laura’s Violin Resources for access to all of Miss Laura’s Fingerings, Practice Recordings, Videos, Notes and Teaching Points.

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Subscribe to Miss Laura’s Violin Resources.  Pay only $5 per month for sheet music, audio practice aids, videos, and online violin lesson resources.  New resources are added weekly by Miss Laura.  Subscribe and gain access to personal teaching points, notes, fingerings and practice aids.  Watch Miss Laura’s videos and listen to her audio recordings. Great for current online violin students and beginning violinists or anyone looking to learn more about the Violin.