Our instruments are professionally setup in the shop.  This does take time so do allow approximately 2 weeks for any violin to ship.

Our instruments are professionally setup in the shop.  This does take time so do allow approximately 2 weeks for any violin to ship.


Buy Student Violins and bows at this string violin store. 

Check out all of our string Student violin reviews so that you can learn all about the great string violin maker, string violin luthier and string student violin manufacturers that we have.  You can compare and buy string violin musical instruments and get new violin. Buy any of the string violin sizes at this fiddle store.  You can even buy fiddle strings.  Get string student violin instruments here that range all the way from cheap violins to fine string student violins and everything in between including a beginner’s violin, Chinese violins and the best violin brands available.  You can find it all here even buy fiddles, different string violin sizes, or string violin parts.

Our quality student violins are truly master violins worth the investment a violinist will make.  You will see that our good string student violin prices are the best for the best quality violins that you can get.  Choose a string violin for you out of our selection of fine violins.  We know that you will like our choice of string violin instruments.  Even a child violin can be a great string violin. 

Our great student violins have been specifically chosen by string violin instructors with the Suzuki violin lessons in mind.  Our master violins are the best violins for teaching violin or learning string violin.  And violinists no matter how great will appreciate the fine violin choices that we have.  We sell to private music teachers, string violin tutors, string violin instructors and string violin schools.  Our string violin students are always satisfied with our string violin instruments.

Our fine violins by violin luthier franz sander has come highly recommended by string violin instructors.  We also know that string violin teachers have been very happy with our dragon violins.  And if you are looking for a beginner’s violin we suggest the core academy or our Romanian violins which fall into the category of intermediate violins.  Our Chinese violins come in brands like Stentor or Skylark and are our least expensive string violins.  Choose the best violin brand for you from the many string violin brands that we offer.

We have the firsthand experience choosing string student violins and can answer any and all of your questions. You can easily find answers to questions about where to buy a violin, how much do violins cost, how to choose a student violin and how to buy a violin.  When first looking into purchasing a string student violin at a fiddle store you need to learn about string violin value and definitely have an idea of how much do violins cost.  We can help you with everything you need to know for purchasing a string violin from the best violin brands that are available and all about buying violins and bows.  If you don’t know how to shop for a new violin, just ask us to help you shop for a string violin.

At Your Music Supply our customer service is the best of all the string violin store, fiddle store or online fiddle shops you will find.  We are friendly and helpful to all of our customers who want to shop for a string violin. And our quality violins are always shipped safely and very fast.  We know that you want to get your new violin right away and so we pride ourselves on having the best delivery time of any fiddle store.

If you are a Suzuki school, string violin school or string violin instructor, please ask us about our string violin specials for music schools.  We support education by giving string violin instructors special “violin school discounts”.  And we offer quotes to your music school to help you get the string violin instruments that you need for your fiddle lessons, beginner violin lessons or Suzuki music lessons.  We know that string orchestras must be able to have the string violin instruments that they need and so we can even adjust our string violin instrument prices to make sure that your music students always have what they need to learn the string violin.

You can even try out some of our good student violins in your own home with our in home trial program.

Rent a violin with our great instrument rentals! Seriously, student violin rentals are very affordable.  You will not be disappointed if you rent a student violin from us.  Our quality violin rentals are perfect violin beginner lessons or for Suzuki music lessons.  Violin instructors can send their students here to rent a violin for their fiddle lessons.  Don’t buy a fiddle if you are just starting out with fiddle lessons, check out our instrument rentals today!


Buy Quality Violins or advance level violins here.  Shop and compare our violins by signing up for our free trial program where you can play violin for free with no obligation.  Let us help you choose the best violin for your needs.  We have violins for kids and beginner violins as well. We have high quality violins for professionals and violins at affordable prices for all violinists.  Our Master violins feature the finest workmanship and all of our violins are made well and have great sound quality.  Read through the violin reviews to learn more about our good violins.  We can provide the best violins of any online music store.  At Your Music Supply we pride ourselves on quality. 

Shop our violins, violin bows and violin cases.  We even have violin accessories and Violin Music and books.  Once you choose a violin get anything you need for your violin studies here at Your Music Supply.  Our Music Supplies are all affordable and good quality.  We offer great customer service for your violin needs.  We even have professional violinists ready to answer all of your questions.  We know what you want when shopping for violins.  And we specialize in strings including violin, viola, cello and bass.  We even have free sheet music for your violin.

We know that our violins are great for violin students because they have been purchased, played and reviewed by violin teachers and violin instructors.  We get feedback on all of our string instruments from professional violinists and violin teachers and directors.  We have violins that are great for Suzuki violin students or beginners playing violin in school orchestras.  We provide violins that are affordable for Suzuki families and violins that have been approved by Suzuki violin teachers. 

At Your Music Supply all of our fine violins and advanced level violins get special attention in the violin shop before they ship to you.  Each of our quality violins are set up completely with tailpiece, violin strings, pegs, chinrest and bridge.  Our violins are also adjusted for the very best sound quality at the time that they are purchased.  We know that buying a violin is a commitment and we want you to be completely satisfied when you buy a violin from us.

Our violin teacher staff can help you choose the right violin for your violin student and if you would like to play our violins please just ask us.  We will send you some violins to try for free.  We know how important it is to play a violin before you make a purchase.  Every violin has a unique sound and fell and our violins are each special in their own way.  So please see for yourself and call us to play our violins today. 

Our online music supply store has the fastest shipping and the best customer service.  We are friendly and knowledgeable about violins.  We know our string instruments well and can make the best recommendation.  We want you to ask any and all of your questions about violins.  Whether you are looking for a good student violin, and advancing violin, a cheap violin or a high quality violin you can find it here.  We have violins ranging in price from $130 to $5000 and can even special order violins for you.  Email or Call Your Music Supply and let us know what you need for violin.

Suzuki violin is our specialty.  We know what Suzuki violin students, Suzuki violin teachers and Suzuki violin schools are looking for in violins.  Our violins are great for everyone.  We have violin outfits that come complete with a violin bow and a violin case.  Or you can buy violins alone and get the violin case and bow separately.  You can try our violin bows for free too!

We can even rent a violin to you.  Violins for rent are sometimes the most cost effective choice for beginners as appose to buying violins.  Our violins for rent are good student violins at very affordable rental prices.  We even cover violin strings replacement and violin repairs if necessary.  Our violin rental program offers a rent to own violin too, so please call us today to rent violins.