Advanced Violin Rental

Advanced Violin Rental:

All the information that you need to rent a violin is here.  It is a simple process and we make it easy for anyone to rent a violin from us.

  • $25 per month violin rental
  • $35 one-time maintenance and repair fee
  • Every payment goes toward owning your rental violin outfit
  • Switch out sizes at anytime (all past payments still count toward owning new size)
  • FREE SHIPPING to receive your rental
  • Advanced Violin Rental Contract 2018

For Basic Violin Rental Program ($15/mo.) Click Here

Check out the following Video:

Renting a violin from Your Music Supply is very simple.  Simply email and we will get you set up with a Violin Rental Contract.  This contract is a one page contract that you can either email or fax back to us.

After we receive the violin rental contract we will get your violin ready to ship.  Please allow up to 2 weeks since your violin will be specially set up for you in our shop before shipping.   After we run your credit card for the maintenance and repair fee and 1st months rent, we ship the rental violin directly to you for free.  Monthly rental payments are charged automatically each month.

The violins in our Advanced Violin Rental inventory are all valued between $300 and $500.  The rent to own amount is the retail cost since our instrument sales and prices change frequently.

Here are some of the violins that we have in our rental inventory (among others):

Core Academy Student Violin Outfit

Luger Student Violin Outfit

Keith Curtis Clifton Violin Outfit

The violin that you get will be based on availability.

Some of the violins in our rental inventory are gently used. This makes it possible for us to switch sizes for our customers and count all of their payments to owning the new size. However, we take special care to prepare the violin during set up so it is just like new before shipping to you.

The maintenance and repair fee covers 2 incidents where the rental violin needs to be replaced or repaired.  If you break a string or the bow needs to be re-haired just let us know and we will take care of it.

All of our rental violins come with a hard violin case, violin bow and rosin for the bow.  We encourage you to also purchase a shoulder rest or sponge if needed.  Another necessity of playing the violin is tuning it correctly.

One of the great benefits of renting a violin from Your Music Supply is that we take care of everything.

We offer the 1/64th size violin to rent or purchase as well.  It is the smallest violin in the world and a real instrument.