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If you would like to learn more about Dr. Suzuki’s method of teaching you can read one of the many Suzuki books that we carry about the Suzuki book method.  We have books written by Dr. Suzuki himself as well as many other books related to the Suzuki book teaching method.  These books are great for Suzuki parents, Suzuki teachers and Suzuki students alike.  We encourage you to learn about this wonderful method of teaching Suzuki and definitely recommend Suzuki book “nurtured by love” which explains so much about Dr. Suzuki himself.  It is now available in a newly Revised Edition.

The Suzuki book method was founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki who wanted to teach young children to play violin in the same way that they learn to speak using the “mother tongue method”. He believed that children could learn music in the same way that they learn to speak their native language by listening to their mother speak, imitating her sounds and repeating over and over words that they have learned.  The Suzuki book method is very parentally oriented incorporating the Suzuki triangle (Suzuki parent, Suzuki teacher, Suzuki book student).  The environment for the Suzuki method to be successful must be very positive and encouraging.  The Suzuki book Teacher and Parent work together to enrich the life of the Suzuki Student following Dr. Suzuki’s Motto “Beautiful Tone, Beautiful heart” 

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