Online Violin Lesson Resources

Online Violin Lesson Resources

Go Beyond Violin Lessons with Miss Laura's ONLINE VIOLIN LESSONS

"I don’t just teach online lessons, I offer lesson plans that go beyond the typical lesson schedule and build a platform for success. Utilizing the growing technology that we have available to us today, we can have a new lesson experience that will change the way we look at violin lessons.  Each lesson plan will encourage the most progress per week by providing practice tools and feedback on top of the regular online lesson"

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Why take online violin lessons?
Because, Miss Laura's online lessons can help you...

...prepare for an audition
For Example, orchestra audition, scholarship audition, school audition.

...learn a specific technique
...prepare for a summer camp
...learn about the violin
...learn a special piece of music

...prepare orchestra music
For example, school orchestra, summer orchestra camp, youth orchestra.

...continue ongoing violin study

...learn to read music
For Example, very beginning to very advanced; Treble Clef, Alto Clef, Bass Clef

...learn fiddle music
For Example, Bluegrass Fiddle, Irish Fiddle, Celtic Fiddle, Cajun Fiddle Scales and Arpeggios
For Example, one octave, two octaves, three octaves.

...learn how to tune the violin, change strings and maintain your instrument.

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Online Violin Lesson Resources

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Here are some fun videos by
Miss Laura, Online Violin Teacher

Fiddle Tune - Devil Went Down to Georgia by Miss Laura, Online Violin Teacher

Fiddle Tune - Back Up and Push by Miss Laura, Online Violin Teacher

Take Online Violin Lessons with Miss Laura, Online Violin Teacher