Choose Violins – How to Choose a Violin

Learn how to choose violins here.  Watch this video and learn some of the basics on making the best choice when you are looking to buy a violin.

Choose Violins – After watching the video some of the helpful hints to remember when choosing a violin are:

  1. Put plenty of rosin on the bow
  2. Play the same piece of music on each violin (scales).
  3. Play a piece of music that you are comfortable with.
  4. Play in front of other people so they can hear each violin and give you feedback.
  5. Have someone else play each violin with your eyes closed and listen to each instrument.
  6. Play the different violins in different venues like concert halls, your living room and outside.

You can choose violins from Your String Music Supply. Here are a couple of the violins to choose from that are perfect to see the differences in the sound quality and tone. Call us to take advantage of our free trial program.

This is the August Köhr Violin: $700 This violin would be great for an advancing player.  It has a very affordable price for a master quality violin.

How to choose violins

This is a great violin to try out.  Remember you can choose violins using our Free Trial Program.

Another Great Violin that you might be interested in when you choose violins to buy is the Dragon Violin $1000. This Chinese made violin has great projection with a warm sound.

Dragon Violin

This Dragon Violin is a very affordable and plays at a professional level.  You will be very happy with the sound that the Dragon Violins produce.  We have many other levels of Dragon Violin that you may want to try.  They just keep getting better!!

Call 800-761-2585 if your would like some help to choose violins or if you are looking for another string instrument to buy.