How to Choose the Right Violin Size

Choose the Violin Size that is right for you or your child:

Violins come in all different sizes.  The most common size violin is the 4/4 or “full size” violin.  The smallest violin size is the 1/64th size violin.  This violin is very small.  Most of these 1/64 size violins are toys and are not real violins.  Your Music Supply actually sells the real 1/64 size violin.  Check out this video on the worlds smallest violin. 

To choose the right violin size,  your first must measure from your collar bone to the middle of the palm.  Then refer to the chart to choose the correct size violin.  Look at the pictures and chart below.

This picture shows where to measure from the Collar Bone.


This picture shows you measure to middle of palm (26 inches).

So according to the chart below and the measurements from above this person will fit a 4/4 or full size violin. This would be the right violin size for an adult or older teenager.

This chart gives all the measurements for all the different size violins. Check out all the different violins that you can buy here.

1/64 size 9″-12″   ages 0-3
1/32 size 12″-14″  ages 3-4
1/16 size 14″-15″  ages 4-5
1/10 size 15″-17″  ages 5-6
1/8 size 17″-18″  ages 6-7
1/4 size 18″-20″  ages 7-8
1/2 size 20″-22″  ages 8-10
3/4 size 22″-23″  ages 10-12
4/4 size 23″+      ages 12+

Need more help choosing the right size?  Schedule an online lesson with Miss Laura