Music School Goes Green

The first GREEN music school in the Nation!

The Stuart School of Music goes Green! This music school saved thousands of dollars with some major renovations to their 56 year old building.  They added Solar Panels, installed reflective metal roofing and changed out the windows.  They even installed low flow faucets and toilets.  The Stuart School of Music can proudly say they are GREEN!

Stuart Music School

This music school is located on Kanner Highway in Stuart, Florida. This is a busy 4 lane highway.  But the music school stands alone.   It is a progressive music school which is friendly to the environment and saves money as well.  Electric bills can be as low as $33 per month.  Anyone can see for themselves by visiting  This real time online solar monitoring system for the Stuart School of Music is just a click away!

In 2013 this music school celebrated their 20th anniversary.  Congratulations Stuart School of Music!

music school stuart

The Stuart School of music has 300 students who study Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Fiddle Clarinet, Voice and Guitar. There are 12 music teachers at the Stuart school of music and the music school is growing every day.  The school features 8 cozy music studios that some of the teachers share.  There is a beautiful lobby where parents and music students enjoy waiting and listening to music.

Watch this video interview with the Director and piano teacher Cindy Kessler.  This was the first news story about the green school to air in Martin County, Florida:

Follow up with the Stuart School of Music 2 years later with this interview.  It shows first hand that the new renovations have proven to be inspirational and motivational!  The first Green Music School in the united states is a success!

Listen to this most recent interview with co-owner and designer John Erikson who is a licensed building contractor and makes his business dealing with Solar! Learn about what changes had to be made to make this vision a reality!

All the music teachers at the Stuart School of Music are happy to have such a wonderful place to teach and share their love of music!  With the low flow toilets and faucets installed during renovations, this school of music saves water with every music student who goes to the bathroom!  The windows are even hurricane impact resistant.  Wow!  It’s safe too??!!  What a wonderful combination of a love for the Arts and the Environment!

Visit the Stuart School of Music website at:

This Green Music School article was written by Your Music Supply

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