Do you know who the Top 5 Famous Cellists are?

Do you know who the Top 5 Famous Cellists are?

Not very many people concern theirselves with the various famous cellists of their day. Come to think of it, not many people are concerned with cellists in general.

Personally, I love the cello, and have had the pleasure of playing this beautiful instrument for a few years. The cello is said to be the only stringed instrument that has the same frequencies of the human voice. The soft, melodious tones of a cello can be compared to a beautiful voice singing soulfully.
The famous cellists listed are alive today and play cello beautifully. Without delay, here are the top five famous cellists.
1. Yo-Yo Ma: Anyone who plays Cello or has any kind of knowledge about the Cello has heard of Yo-Yo Ma. Yo-Yo Ma lives in America and has won several Grammy Awards, the National Medal of Arts, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Polar Music Prize.

2. Gavriel Lipkind is an Israeli cellist who lives in Germany. He has won awards in several musical competitions and has preformed with various orchestras.

3. Eugene Friesen is an American cellist. He is a graduated from the Yale School of Music and received a Grammy Award.

4. Richard Harwood is a cellist living in Britian. He has studied under various teachers, including, Steven Doane, David Waterman, and Heinrich Schiff. In 2000, he was was named an up and commer in “Internation Who’s Who in Music.”

5. Johann Sebastian Paetsch is a cellist living in America. He has won the top prize in the Emmanuel Feuermann Competition, first place in the Young Musicians Foundation Competition (held in L.A.), and was highly successful in the ARD Competition in Munich.

Submitted by larakern on September 26th, 2013