Colorado Flood Victim Piano Player

This is an incredible video that goes viral.  Watch and see that this man has not lost hope after the terrible flood ruined his house.  Ever though he has his music always in his heart, it must hurt to see his home devastated by the huge floods in Colorado and across the southwestern US. The song he plays is called Mad World written by Roland Orzabal.  This was first played by the band “Tears for Fears” and the music video was released in 1982.  Mark plays this song in his mud covered home after a mudslide and torrential rain ruined everything. Below is the music video:

The rain in Colorado started on September 9 2013 and continued for a week.  This was prevalent all across the Southwest.  The counties of Larimer and Boulder took much of the rain that Colorado received.  New Mexico received a massive amount of rain causing flooding in the Gila National Forest near the towns of Silver City, Glenwood and Mogollon.  During that week of flooding several deaths were reported and many lost their homes.  What a sad situation to have the rain take everything.

The rivers, creeks and streams became so filled with water there was nowhere for the rain to go anymore but the rain kept on coming.  With the rocky mountains so steep and with the recent fires that have spread across the west these floods were bound to happen.  On such a steep decline it does not take much to saturate the ground.  Once that has happened the only place for the water to go is downstream or down whatever slope it falls on.  With much of the mountain that this rain affected the “Rockies” have a very specific name.  This kinda of water flow moves rocks making it extremely dangerous.  If one is in the way of this wall of rock and water there is small chance for survival.  A quick tip from rafting is to ball up and hold your knees to your chest.  This prevents you from becoming stuck in a rock.

Because of the recent fires that have scorched the sides of mountains the smallest of rainfall can create huge problems.  With little vegetation left from the fire and the only thing on the ground is ash, it makes for a quick slurry to the closest bottom when a little rain hits.  This is what happened on the night of the 14th in Glenwood New Mexico.  Around midnight a huge wall of water came flooding down the Whitewater Creek which flows right through the middle of downtown.  Luckily  there were no injuries or deaths.  This flood was caused by rain hitting burnt mountainside in the Gila Forest.  The burn happened last year and after the floods in nearby Arizona from the same thing last year, the citizens of Glenwood constructed more levees and sandbagged much of the property.  It did not save everything but helped.

New Mexico Flooding Side Canyon

A new canyon for New Mexico


Here is a new canyon that has just been formed from the recent weather event.

Flooded road in New Mexico

Where did the road go after the flood?