Basic Violin Rental ($15/mo)!!

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 Everything you need to rent a violin and get started with violin lesson.  We make it easy!

Get your $15 Basic Violin Rental Package Today!!   Everything you need for only $15 period!!

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Do not miss out on this opportunity to rent to own your own student violin for only $15.  This is the perfect violin rental package for the beginning violinist and we ship this to you for FREE!!

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  • High Quality Beginner Instrument with Solid Construction
  • Wooden Horsehair Bow with Durable Hard Case
  • Good Sound Quality and Fine Tuners for Easy Tuning
  • Only $15 per month
  • No Extra Fees
  • Every payment goes toward owning your rental violin outfit
  • Switch out sizes at anytime (all payments still count toward owning the new size)
  • FREE SHIPPING to receive your rental
  • Case and Bow and Rosin included
  • Return Anytime
  • Instrument Maintenance and Repair fully covered including strings
  • Good Starter Instrument
  • Basic Violin Rental Contract 2014

Just learning how to play the violin and need a starter instrument?  The $15 violin rental package is the way to go.  This is our basic beginner rental package for violins.  This is a simple straight-forward way to rent a violin.  There are no extra fees involved and the $15 violin program is perfect for young Suzuki Students who will be growing into the next size.

Violin RentalDon’t miss out to learn how to play the violin.  This violin rental package is perfect for teachers to tell their students about.  For a beginning player you cannot go wrong.  Some people do not want to invest much money into an instrument before they are sure they want to learn how to play.  This $15 violin rental package is perfect to test the waters without putting a dent into your checkbook.

This is how easy is is to join the $15 violin rental program:


  1. Simply call or email us that you are interested in the $15 rental.  We will get you set up with the basic rental contract (link above) that you can fill out and fax or email it back to us.  You can call us with any questions or concerns.  If you do not want to enter in your credit card info on the contract simply call us with it and we will take it directly over the phone to ensure security.
  2. We charge you the first month of ONLY $15 and ship the violin inside a case with a bow to you for FREE!!
  3. Take the violin rental to your lesson and learn to play.
  4. The $15 monthly rental fee is automatically charged each month.
  5. If anything happens to the instrument including a broken string or if it needs to be repaired just let us know and we will make sure that you are well taken care of.
  6. If you no longer want to rent the instrument or want to switch sizes just simply ship it back to us. We will send you the next size and your past payments still count toward owning the new size.

The violins in our Advanced Violin Rental inventory are all valued between $100 and $300.  The rent to own amount is the retail cost since our instrument sales and prices change frequently.

Here are some of the violins that we have in our rental inventory (among others):

Stentor Student Violin Outfit

Ametto Student Violin Outfit

Juzek Student Violin Outfit

The violin that you get will be based on availability.

Some of the violins in our rental inventory are gently used. This makes it possible for us to switch sizes for our customers and count all of their payments to owning the new size. However, we take special care to prepare the violin during set up so it is just like new before shipping to you.

The maintenance and repair fee covers 2 incidents where the rental violin needs to be replaced or repaired.  If you break a string or the bow needs to be re-haired just let us know and we will take care of it.

All of our rental violins come with a hard violin case, violin bow and rosin for the bow.  We encourage you to also purchase a shoulder rest or sponge if needed.  Another necessity of playing the violin is tuning it correctly.  We sell metronomes and tuner combos that would serve your needs well.  For further questions on some of the accessories call us today or consult with your teacher.

Your Music Supply will take care of any issue on a personal professional level EVERY time!!

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